Brandon lee

During the shooting of the film 'The Crow' Brandon Bruce Lee got wounded with a pistol. The pistol was loaded with blanks but was later found out that there was also a real bullet used. The wounds later caused his death.

Brandon Lee was born on 1st February 1965 as son of the legendary combat sport actor Bruce Lee. From a very young age Brandon received lessons from his father. Brandon was 8 years old when his father died.

At 20 years old Brandon began his professional acting career with his first role in the film ‘Kung Fu: the Movie’. Later he acted in different films from Hong Kong and Hollywood.

In 1993 the production of the film 'The Crow' began where Brandon would play the leading role. During the shooting, actor Michael Massee shot at Brandon with the pistol loaded with blanks but would prove to be fatal as there was also a real bullet in the gun which later cost Brandon's life.

Eventually this shooting case was closed on grounds of an accident, to whom many people doubted. Brandon was buried next to his father.