jeet kune do

Jeet Kune Do is a Martial Art that was invented by Bruce Lee. The exact definition of Jeet Kune Do is: The way of the intercepting fist.

The word intercepting meaning that the attack from the opposition would be used against himself.

Every attack offers in principle de possibility of an oppositional attack. The only thing what’s needed is the right performance and technique at the right moment. The correct feeling of distance and timing play a very important role.

Unique to Jeet Kune Do is the attention that’s given to the distances during fight; long, middle and short distances. You have to know namely which distance your component works. There is also a lot of training given on the different ways that exist to attack in a fight.

Bruce Lee gave a large emphasis in training to foot work and intercepting the opponents attack.

Only two people in the world have achieved the status of teaching Jeet Kune Do from Bruce Lee: Dan Inosanto and Ted Wong. However Inosanto was the one that was educated by Bruce Lee to give lessons in Jeet Kune Do in Chinatown school of Los Angeles, Ted Wong was chosen by Bruce to be his work-out partner at Bruce’s home.

Ted Wong: “It wasn’t always easy being Bruce’s work-out partner. Wong worked out with Lee the moment that Lee was physically at the top. Retaining the fist and preventing knocks from the punching bag produced the necessary bruises and fractures!”.

Jeet Kune Do can be seen as a complete Martial Art, but to achieve the ability in Jeet Kune Do one has to learn and perfection a couple of techniques in Jeet Kune Do that best works for an individual.

Also typical to Jeet Kune Do: to use and perfection what is best for yourself!