bruce lee movies

Bruce Lee made in his career 5 fantastic movies, below you can find everything about those movies.

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Most people think this Kung Fu movie is the best of all Bruce Lee. The story plays in Shanghai in 1908. Bruce Lee is a martial arts specialist who lets his raging fists speak against a gang which murdered his old Kung Fu teacher.

Non-Stop action and breathtaking fightscenes are some of the main characteristics of all Bruce Lee movies. Fist of Fury tells about the classical theme of a man who helps his friends endangering his own life.

The sensational Bruce Lee is besides the maincharacter also director in this Kung Fu movie, recorded in modern Rome. Lee plays a naief youngster, who makes a switch from simple country life to the sometimes dangerous life in Rome. He helps some Roman friends because their restaurant is being threatened by the local maffia.

In the beginning amused by the naivity of Bruce Lee the gangsters soon realise that Lee is not as unexperienced and naive as they thought. Suspense and humour melt together in this superfast movie about the countryboy who misleads experienced gangsters and the hired killers they hired.

This is the last movie Bruce Lee has made before his tragical death. Ironically the story is about a talented actor who simulates his own dead because he refuses to join a gang.

Wounded after an attack of the gang he asks a reporter to spread the news of his dead so he can secretly destroy their organisation. In Game of Death an international cast of actors lines up together with Bruce Lee.

In the Big-Boss the legendary Bruce Lee shows in this classical Kung-Fu movie his unique fighting talent and that he was an abslut master in martial arts. Bruce Lee plays a young man who goes to Bangkok to work in an ice-factory.

He soon discovers there are happening some strange things between the walls of the factory. With everything he does he comes more involved by the evil things happening inside the factory. He takes the decision to fight for his rights but most importantly for his life.

On an island ruled by a drugsdealer Bruce Lee has to participate in a tournament. He has to kill the drugsdealer. There have to be no weapons on the island. The last part of the movie how some spectacular fighting-scenes.